Luciano Drehmer


Made in Asia 在亚洲制造

Mug souvenir found in a market in Beijing showing a popular chinese quote

Mug souvenir found in a market in Beijing showing a popular chinese quote

A map showing the Pearl Delta Megacity in China – The biggest human concentration in the world and home of Asia’s Silicon Valley

Natrogix Rebrand – Redesigned in China and launched in USA. This product hit #1 at Amazon in its category and got 800k/month profit for Valuelink Corporation.

Amazon Global Store – Redesigned for the Chinese market during my period working in China.

English follows portuguese

De modestas intenções como designer a uma experiência que me ensinou na prática mais sobre o mundo do que eu jamais poderia imaginar.

Depois de 13 anos explorando várias indústrias no Brasil, decidi colocar uma mochila nas costas e ir para o oriente, sem conhecer ninguém e não ter idéia do que encontraria - Foram 2 anos e 6 meses lá, dos quais um no sul da China, um no norte e nos outros seis meses em torno de doze cidades na Ásia - trabalhando com comunidades nômades remotas na Tailândia ao obscuro submundo das fábricas chinesas de Guangdong, passando por gigantes do e-commerce no Vale do Silício asiático para um importante vetor de influência no mundo em Pequim, a HQ Amazon na China.

Esta palestra vai falar sobre o design, o ambiente de negócios, a vida e o trabalho na China, como os chineses fazem negócios com o Ocidente e por que eles estão se tornando o poder político e econômico mais influente do planeta. Do ponto de vista ocidental, mostrarei desde a tecnologia até os estranhos hábitos que atravessam o contexto cultural e como todas as transformações políticas que sofreram resultaram no país mais competitivo do século XXI.


  • Design na China vs. Design no Ocidente

  • E-commerce na China vs E-commerce no Ocidente

  • Negócios na China

  • Tecnologia na Ásia

  • Cross-border business

  • Diferenças e choques culturais

  • Vida e trabalho na China

  • Background político


From modest intentions as a designer to an experience that taught me more about business and the world than an MBA would.

After 13 years exploring various industries in Brazil, I decided to put a backpack and go to the east, without knowing anyone and having no idea of what I would find – It was 2 years and 6 months there, which one in southern China, one in the north and the other six months around twelve cities in Asia – working with remote work nomad communities in Thailand to the obscure underworld of Guangdong's Chinese factories , passing through giants of e-commerce in the Asian Silicon Valley to one of the world's most influential vector in the world in Beijing the Amazon HQ in China.

This talk will tell you about the design, the business environment, life and work in China, and how the Chinese do business with the west and why they are becoming the most influential political and economic power in the world. From a western stand point I will show from technology to the weird habits going through the cultural background and how all the political transformations they suffered resulted in the most competitive country of the 21st Century.


  • Design in China vs. Design in the West

  • E-commerce in China vs E-commerce in the West

  • Business in China

  • Technology in Asia

  • Cross-border business

  • Cultural differences and shocks

  • Life and work in China

  • Political background

Cities (dates soon)

  • Goiânia

  • São Paulo

  • Brasília

  • Curitiba


Myself during a visit at a Chinese factory in Guangdong, China

Myself during a visit at a Chinese factory in Guangdong, China

About the speaker

Luciano Drehmer is a brand consultant with 15 year course of professional experience on design – creating strategy and design across all platforms. He worked in collaboration with companies such as Hong Kong Shared Dream, Amazon, Nike, Google amongst others. He is also partner and Chief Design Officer at Jackalope Media in Salt Lake City, USA, former lecturer in the European Design Institute and also a former partner of Not in California where he was responsible for the programme of workshops, courses, festivals and partnerships with international companies.

In the last years he has been working with companies from countries such as China, Hong Kong, Brazil, USA, India and Thailand, creating design systems, optimising businesses looking for sales, costumer engagement, scale, quality and sustainability.

His design work has been helping companies around the world with steady growth, in one of the critical initiatives he needed to undertake he helped took one brand from near death to U$ 800k / month profit where branding and design systems were the crucial ingredients. He also helped Amazon redesign their biggest business in China and substantially increase the impressions, traffic and conversions.