Luciano Drehmer


China gets sustainability right

One of the things that makes all the difference today in terms of sustainability in the world is the European Union's influence on China - Xi Jinping leadership really listened to UE advice and made positive decisions in that direction.

China political model seems controversial from a western standpoint, but on the other hand the way things work there keep strangely causing bursts and immediate results. AliExpress suppliers have told me that some (not all) environmentally harmful materials have been banned by the Chinese government, the impact of this is huge - they scored.

Beijing also lowered pollution levels by 50% in a year, bus fleets and electric cars have taken over the country at a frightening speed, coal power plants have been shut down and replaced with solar / wind power, the result is obvious.

They are still far from being an example to the world in this sense, but there is no denying that they are struggling to change that status.

I will continue hoping that the will of those in power will keep going the right way, the planet earth thanks.

Luciano Drehmer