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How can design make you more money


Would you like to make your brand look very attractive to your customers and drive more sales?

Welcome to Drehmer Branding where we create BIG brands for your small business. We have a lot of experience with top tier global companies like Nike and Amazon and this know-how can be used to grow your business.

We make beautiful design products. But our focus is targeted on your results. We believe we are the best cost-benefit in the World at creating a compelling argument for business leadership — for capital, for sales, for strategic partnership, for success. Call (844) 200-6160 or write us now for an immediate reply.


I’m excited you’re reading this right now and I’m honored to have your attention.…. If you keep reading until the end I will show you how can design make your more money–but firstly, let me introduce myself.

Hi i am Luciano, and I am WorldClass designer. I work with clients around the US and sometimes—from China, India, Thailand, Brazil, among others — I have a lot of experience with top tier global companies like Nike and Amazon and this know-how can be used to grow your business. I have proven experience and I’m currently located in São Paulo area and thanks to the powers of the internet—working globally. If you’re an entrepreneur launching a new business, and you need branding that’s impressive to investors and irresistible to customers and don’t want to hire an overpriced agency – I am the designer you’re looking for.


Please, take a look to some companies we have worked with:

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Yes, they are not small – I can add all the value I learned with them to your business and make it looks very nice.
Thanks for reading until here, If you keep reading until the end I will show you how can I give you a design consultancy for free–but first I will explain how will you make more money.


How investing in design can
boost your company growth?

Here are 3 proven scientific evidence this essay is actually truth:



Is how much companies that invest in design outperform companies who do not.

Lidia Oshlyansky (Spotify)

Design increases turnover

“For every £1 invested in design, businesses can expect over £20 in increased revenues”

The Value of Design FactFinder 
(2012) report.

Good design = Good profits

“83% of the design-led companies have seen market share increases, which is again twice as much as the average.”

UK Design Index / Design Council.


Design is not a commodity.

Let’s face it, big brands and fast growing companies don’t have the mindset of paying $99 for a random logo designer and expecting results.

Also a new logo won’t solve your problem – a strong brand strategy combined with a consistent design system that translate your costumer desires and empathize with them will. Cheap designers can’t deliver that, because they fail to run through all the necessary steps to bring this real results. Top agencies and consultancies can solve your problem, but they cost a lot!

The more talented and experienced a designer is – more value he will add to your business.
And the less experience and less talent he have – more likely he is to damage your brand reputation.

Very important: great designers have an inherent ability to capture other people desires and translate it into great products through strong strategy, rationality and marketing data this makes all the difference – great designers can make things sexy and functional – not all designers have this skills, but I have.


1st 99 designs / fiver

Best of both worlds

Overpriced agency


We help our clients increase sales


You will get a world class result, and it will not be overpriced.

Even tho I have worked in countries all over the world currently I am based in Brazil what keeps my basic operation very cost effective – at the same time I can be in the same timezone with all the U.S.A companies I work with.


Your results will be achieved.

Are you looking for a designer who is worried about tangible results? What will make me happy is seeing your sales skyrocketing and your product reviews raving 5 stars – If your clients say they love your brand to their friends and bring you new customers is everything that matters to me.


Your products will become sexy – and consumers will love them.

Discover the little-known ways ordinary people are making extraordinary income online every day

Luciano leads by example. I often found him working alongside his team late into the evenings and on weekends. This reflects a strong sense of ownership, something which tends to be diluted in a large corporation.
— Yeeli Lee – Vice President | Amazon China

Would you like to have reviews like this on your products or services?

Here are some Amazon testimonials after purchasing products I designed:



“Oh my god, the capsules actually taste good,
the bottle comes in a cute little box that I actually leave it in as a DISPLAY on my desk and I like that it is in glass (the bottle) there is something satisfying hearing the capsules hitting the glass when you open it up for your dose.”

Brenden Leaver
Natrogix Customer

Definitely buying this again!

“Moreover, the package is extraordinarily beyond my expectation. Very lovely and beautiful using recyclable materials. They even put a small quick guide book inside. I will buy one more as gift for my friend's birthday next month.”

H. Douglas
Natrogix Customer


Nike, Apple and Google can’t be wrong – Design can be the best return of investment you ever had.


Would You Like These Kinds Of Results In Your Business?

I can give you a free consultancy and tell you what your company is failing to give to consumers from a design stand point.

What I did for other businesses, I can do for yours.

I have a wealth of experience in different markets, designing on different mediums, and, most importantly, getting results. It’s all for one reason: my design and strategy sells.

I am often booked, and I am not for beginners. If you have a business that is already up and running… if you have a product launch coming up… if you just want to make more money… fill out the form below completely. If I feel we are a good match, I will contact you within one business day and give you a free consultancy:


If you need to reach me immediately, my phone number is:

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To higher profits at lower costs.

Luciano Drehmer
Designer / Strategist