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About Luciano Drehmer

Luciano Drehmer is a brand consultant with 15 year course of professional experience on design – currently working with international teams in Asia creating strategy and design across all platforms and working in collaboration with companies such as Hong Kong Shared Dream, Amazon, Nike, Google amongst others. He is also partner and Chief Design Officer at Jackalope Media in Salt Lake City, USA – former lecturer in the European Design Institute. He is also a former partner of Not in California where he was responsible for the programme of workshops, courses, festivals and partnerships with international companies.

In the last years he has been working with companies in countries such as China, Hong Kong, India and Thailand, creating design systems and optimising businesses looking for sales, costumer engagement, scale, quality and sustainability.

His design work has been helping companies around the world with steady growth, in one of the critical initiatives he needs to undertake he helped took one brand from near death to U$ 800k / month profit where branding and design systems were the crucial ingredients. He also helped Amazon redesign their biggest business in China and substantially increase the impressions, traffic and conversions.



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Ocean Plaza, Chaoyang District, a 54, Unit 1, 8th Floor, 803, Beijing, China

+86 186-7554-5132

wechat: drehmer


Carrefour / Jack Daniel's / Coca-Cola / Google / Spotify

MAR - Rio Art Museum / MASP - São Paulo Art Museum / SESC / Grupo EmpreZa / University of Goiás / IED - European Design Institute / Brazilian Design Bienalle

Nike / Amazon Fashion / Melissa / Rockstter / IdeaFixa 

GQ Magazine / Rolling Stone Magazine / Folha de São Paulo / Valor Econômico / Super Interessante / Você S/A

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A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.
— Bruno Munari