Luciano Drehmer

the drehmer

the drehmer

The Drehmer is a personal art self-initiated project that works on the boundaries between art, design and graphic narratives. This work proposes a research and a discussion around copyright nature, ethical values and the influence it have in society. Through personal memories explorations this expressive graphics and paintings seek to break spacial, conceptual and cultural construct barriers and norms.

This series got viral through social networks LIKE FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND BLOGS and more than 1.000.000 people shared interacted with the pictures.

This work were featured in The Wrong Digital Art Bienalle and also on "O Globo" Newspaper, the biggest media group in Brazil. I also got an invitation from legendary artist Rafael Coutinho to design a cover to "O Fabuloso Quadrinho Brasileiro", this book got featured on Rolling Stone Magazine and won a HQ Mix award in 2016.

"O Fabuloso Quadrinho Brasileiro" got featured on Rolling Stone Magazine and and won A HQ Mix award in 2016

Luxury is a need for many people who want to have a feeling of domination over others. But only if they are ignorant will those others admire and perhapes envy those who live in luxury. But who is interested in the admiration of the ignorant? Perhaps the stupid.
— Bruno Munari