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I was in charge of a creative senior leadership role at Amazon China – my responsibility was to use my expertise ranging from strategy, with capabilities in design, branding and Ui/Ux using internal insights and metrics to deliver cost-effective results.


• Lead a team of 9 designers composed of visual designers, Ui designers and art directors and drive them on Ui and branding projects for initiatives such as Amazon Fashion, Amazon Global Store, Amazon Prime and more.

• Conduct creative concepts for cross-category creative campaigns on the entire Chinese market.

• Understand performance data (metric tests, usability studies) and respond with design strategies.


DESIGNERS: Wang Yin, Wen Bei, Ma Di, Sun Xiao, Yang Ying.


DISCIPLINES: Digital / Branding

Amazon Fashion WeChat App Interface for Chinese Social Media

Amazon Fashion WeChat App Interface for Chinese Social Media

Amazon Global Store Redesign


Global Store is the biggest business of Amazon in China, I was in charge of redesigning it to fit the new Amazon global brand strategy and also the Chinese audience. The main idea float around the concept of the international style, where the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. The design focus on the connection between target audience and the subject planes, elegant shapes, and the void spaces left. The goal was to reduce the color palette and use neutral tones to make the products at the website stand out.

We also designed a set of custom font characters to match the Amazon logo in China – since there are not many font variations in the Chinese language.







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Amazon Global Store –  New Gateway

Amazon Global Store – New Gateway

good design is as little design as possible
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